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Help with your shopping from the Unicorn

Thanks to their generous support, we offer a Shop & Drop Scheme for local people who can’t get to Unicorn themselves and a You Shop, We Drop Scheme for people who can do their own shopping but need help to get it home.

Whether your difficulties are short-lived due to illness, injury or a new baby, or if you have a disability and  struggle to get out some or all of the time, our lovely riders will do your shopping and drop it by bike to your door. 

Just complete his form and someone will be in contact to discuss further.

Your shopping will be purchased in store using a Chorlton Bike Deliveries voucher and we ask you to transfer the amount into our account soon after delivery.

This service is free to those who need it, but we welcome donations to support Chorlton Bike Deliveries’ costs if you can afford it and want to help out.

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