Future of the precinct and CBD HQ

Redevelopment moves forward

Following the update about our moving-in plans in the old Red Cross shop the Chorlton precinct, we wanted to flag up that you may now start to see public statements about the redevelopment of the precinct and its car park.

If you have lived in Chorlton a while you will know this area has been slated for development for many a decade – but now it really is going ahead. 

There will be a press release issued by Manchester-based developer PJ Livesey in the coming days – and a public consultation on their plans in the next few months.

Chorlton Traders have sent a very helpful update via their member mailing list , a useful summary of where things are at. And one of our members posted this personal update in our local Facebook group.

The precinct itself will be knocked down entirely and replaced by a completely new set of  buildings and space (see conceptual footprint visual above).

Any building works would not start until this time next year at the earliest (and we entered into our lease until the end of the year in full knowledge of this being temporary.)

As a member of Chorlton Traders, and a formal tenant in the precinct, we will be seeking our own meeting with the landlord and developer to discuss the future.

In our minds there might be a dream scenario where we might be able to take space in the new development.