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Supporting the community is central to Chorlton Bike Deliveries ethos.

We work with a range of community organisations, made possible by our dedicated group of volunteer riders. 

The services we provide are flexible and friendly – and often completely free of charge. 

We deliver donated food from supermarkets, cafes, and shops to several foodbanks in the local area every day of the week.

Working in partnership with Tibetan Kitchen Fantastic Food project, we have delivered hot meals to thousands of residents across South Manchester. As part of the TV Dinners project, we regularly take meals to households from the Old Abbey Taphouse in Hulme.

If you’re part of a community group or organisation and need support with your deliveries, get in touch and one of the team will contact you.

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    Why Choose Us?

    Dedicated Riders


    Many of our riders are volunteers who choose to volunteer with us to keep active, while at the same time donating their time to help grow a sustainable and ethical transport alternative.

    Our riders enjoy interacting with local residents and representatives of the businesses and organisations they meet while riding. Everyone takes the time to deliver right to the doorstep with a smile or a chat.

    Friendly & Flexible


    We take a collaborative approach to working with the community groups we support and develop a tailored delivery solution that works. 

    From daily drop-offs to more specialist, unique projects; we’ll work with you to deliver the service you need. 

    Free of Charge


    We are more than just a bike delivery service. Our vision is to make our community a happier, healthier, and more compassionate place to live. 

    Helping those in need is fundamental to this vision and thanks to our amazing volunteers, no job is too big or small for our growing team of riders and expanding fleet of cargo bikes. 


      Rodger Cairns
      Rodger Cairns

      Quids In food bank, run by Southway Housing Trust

      To say that this service changes lives is no exaggeration. The people who use our food club are often struggling to make ends meet and having good quality food delivered by Chorlton Bike Deliveries from local outlets and supermarkets really does make all the difference. It is also an example of sustainability at its best – avoiding food waste, putting it into the hands of those who need it, whilst also reducing air pollution, carbon emissions and congestion – making our community a healthier and more pleasant place to live.

        Helen Hibberd
        Helen Hibberd

        Coordinator at Chorlton Good Neighbours

        Our older members have loved going out on the Trishaw, being cycled around Longford Park, including the athletics track and stopping for coffee at the café. They have felt elated after these rides, partly because it is something new that they haven’t experienced before, but also because they aren't mobile enough to walk around the park and so haven’t been in it in years.